Postpartum Services
There are many questions that can come up after baby is born, and a lot of extra help is needed for both mother and baby.  A Postpartum Doula can help during this time.

After baby comes, I am availalbe to help you through the new baby days. I am experienced in breast and bottle feeding, newborn care, swaddling, sibling care, mothers physical recovery and many more postpartum areas.

I am available for daytime visits and overnights where I can help you with both mother and baby concerns and adjustments.

I adhere to the ProDoula Philosophy:
  • I am a Doula- strong, capable, compassionate and professional.
  • I became a Doula because I understand what it means to give myself fully to my clients, to become what they need, desire and deserve.
  • I also believe in my value as a professional and in the services I provide.
  • I will pour everything I have into each client and I will be proud to be paid for this service.
  • I will represent myself, my profession and the word Doula and will provide those I serve with complete accountability. In order to be my best and do my best, I too will need support and guidance.
  • I want to align myself with an agency that stands for excellence, professionalism and accountability while also caring for, nurturing and inspiring their members.
  • I choose ProDoula because I deserve the best and so do my clients! I am proud to be a  ProDoula!