Labor Services

Since the time of Adam and Eve, women have been giving birth.  You have the strength inside you to give birth to your child(ren) the way that you envision.  As a Labor Doula, I am there to help implement your vision.  At times during labor when you struggle with the pain of contractions or the decisions that need to be made, I will be there to encourage you and support you.  If your partner or other support person is having anxiety or other concerns about your labor, I will also be there for them as well.  You have the strength, my job is to help you find it in times where you feel you can't go on any more.

Labor services consist of two prenatal visits where we will go over your birth plan, discuss comfort measures for labor and answer any questions you may have.  I will be with you during active labor until your baby arrives.  I will stay after baby comes to help with feedings, holdings, etc. About three to four days after baby is born, I will come to your home to help you with any questions or concerns you have, make sure feedings are going well, and help you in any way that I can during my visit with you.
I adhere to the ProDoula Philosophy:
  • I am a Doula- strong, capable, compassionate and professional.
  • I became a Doula because I understand what it means to give myself fully to my clients, to become what they need, desire and deserve.
  • I also believe in my value as a professional and in the services I provide.
  • I will pour everything I have into each client and I will be proud to be paid for this service.
  • I will represent myself, my profession and the word Doula and will provide those I serve with complete accountability. In order to be my best and do my best, I too will need support and guidance.
  • I want to align myself with an agency that stands for excellence, professionalism and accountability while also caring for, nurturing and inspiring their members.
  • I choose ProDoula because I deserve the best and so do my clients! I am proud to be a  ProDoula !